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I studied at the National Laser Institute in 2011, the nation’s leadingᅠlaser training facility and am a Certified Clinical Laser Technician. Whileᅠlaser technology encompasses a large scope of services, I specializeᅠin laser hair reduction. I consult and treat guests in a professionalᅠand comforting manner, which has led to much praise from male andᅠfemale guests. I will keep you informed of your individual needs andᅠany concerns, as to provide you with a simple experience.

I have over 20 years of nail industry experience, and with a health-centeredᅠapproach, and love for fine details, I am still delighted in making every client lookᅠand feel their best.ᅠMy goals and passions are to learn something newᅠeveryday, to share my knowledge, and to encourage a balanced andᅠenriched life starting by taking care of the often forgotten and overworkedᅠfingers and toes.

David has more than 20 years experience in the salon industry. He has worked at Aveda concept salons in Chicago, where he originated. He is a certified colorist, hair-cutter and stylist with numerous educational experiences. He has traveled from New York to Los Angeles and Europe to expand on his haircare knowledge and skills. David believes that a successful colorist/stylist is one that maintains a good relationship and remains consistent with positive energy within a creative environment.

I have been in the salon industry since 1991 and have a deepᅠpassion for meeting the individual needs of all of my guests. Iᅠspecialize in the art of threading and hair removal. My expertise inᅠmanicure and pedicure services has led me to exclusively use SpaRitual'sᅠvegan product line. My professionalism allows me to offer the bestᅠexperience and provide guests with superior service in our peacefulᅠenvironment.







I started pursuingᅠᅠthe dream of being a hair stylist in 2002, and since thenᅠhave had all my continuing education through the Aveda Institute.ᅠAlthough I love all aspects of hair styling, I thrive on doing color, fromᅠnatural highlights to a complete color makeover. I travel all over the world,ᅠbut Chicago will always be home to me.

I have been active in the cosmetology industry since 1985. Iᅠgraduated from an esteemed school owned by platform artists David andᅠAndrea Whitman, where I learned British and French cutting methodsᅠas well as American. Having worked and lived in various locations, Iᅠfind myself most at home in Chicago. A former AVEDA instituteᅠeducator, I have mentored students as well as apprentices, receivingᅠmany accolades. Providing hair services, I specialize in both curlyᅠand fine hair, creating organic "user friendly" styles. I regularly attendᅠcontinuing education to keep me inspired, also finding inspirationᅠeverywhere from the urban landscape to the natural world.

Caroline Jung, Dipl. Ac., MSOM
After earning my Psychology degree from the University of Memphis, I moved to Chicago to attend the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine where I received my Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine. I am a nationally board certified acupuncturist and licensed by the state of Illinois. I am the President of the Illinois Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. I have practiced for many years in Chicago, including Children’s Memorial Hospital and the Women’s Healthcare Partners of IL gynecology group. My passion for women’s health includes a specialty in fertility. My practice also includes treatments for men's health, digestive disorders, pain management, psycho-emotional disorders, addictions, weight loss, diabetes, and much more. I also include meditation with my treatments by demonstrating the effectiveness it may inspire for my patients in their daily routine. I strongly believe in educating my patients, so that they may take charge of their own health and wellness beyond treatment rooms.


My passion to be a stylist is inspired by beauty and creativity. The constant changes in these push me to further my education, which started in Madison, Wisconsin five years ago. I continue to take color, cutting, and styling classes with Aveda so I can continue to listen to my clients' needs—from a trim to a makeover. I love what I do, but my favorite aspect of my work is helping clients look good and, just as importantly, feel good when they leave the salon.

4737 North Damen Avenue, Chicago, IL 60625